Human Reproduction

the human reproduction|The Human Reproduction||la reproducción humana|
Have you ever wondered where do babies come from? In this video you'll learn about the whole process of human reproduction and each one of its three stages: conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

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Human Reproduction

Today we are going to learn about our origin, lets learn about the human reproduction.

Reproduction develops in three stages: conception, pregnancy and childbirth and for it to take place both female and males need to intervene. We already know that the male reproduction system produces sperm and the female reproduction system egg cells…

Well, fertilization is when a man’s sperm cell and a woman’s egg cell released from the ovaries, unite and this happens inside the woman’s body, normally in the fallopian tube. In order for that to occur, semen, which carries hundreds of thousands of sperm cells, must first pass through the vagina into the uterus to finally reach the fallopian tubes. Of all the millions of sperm cells, only one will be able to penetrate and fertilize the ovum creating a zygote. Now gestation of the fetus can occur within the female uterus…

Pregnancy is the stage were a new human being is formed and begins to grow inside its mothers’ womb. It lasts around nine months, and during this period the zygote begins to divide into many cells growing into a fetus. Bit by bit the new little being, housed in the uterus and connected by an umbilical cord to its mother, continues to grow as well as developing all its organs. In only two months of gestation the embryo already looks like a baby.

By the way, the baby receives it’s nutrition and oxygen through the umbilical cord.
The mother’s body also goes through big changes, her tummy, for example grows much bigger.

Childbirth occurs around the ninth month of gestation and is when the baby exits into the world through the vagina… Normally a baby is born head first, followed by the rest of its body. After a baby is born the umbilical cord is cut and do you know what happens? well the scar that is left is our belly button. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now we have learnt about the human reproduction and its three phases: conception, pregnancy and childbirth. I hope you found it interesting…

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