Hurricanes are formed by an eye or centre composed of calm air that is surrounded by clouds, strong winds and storms full of water.

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Hello friends, welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to learn what the biggest and most violent storms are, hurricanes.

Hurricanes are so called because according to the Mayan legend a God named Hurakan spread his breath through the water creating the Earth.

But that is only a legend. Hurricanes are really huge tropical storms that form in the southern Atlantic Ocean, in the Caribbean Sea and in the Gulf of Mexico. Depending on where they are formed they are also called cyclones or typhoons. For example, hurricanes that form in the Pacific Ocean are called Typhoons and those that form in the Indian Ocean cyclones.

Hurricanes are formed by an eye or centre composed of calm air that is surrounded by clouds, strong winds and storms full of water.

Hurricanes form when a series of electrical storms come together and travel over the warm waters of the oceans. The warm air of the storm causes surface water to evaporate and begin to rise generating low pressure on the surface of the ocean.

The winds that circulate in opposite directions make the storm begin to turn. The rise of the warm air causes the pressure to decrease at higher altitude so that the air rises faster and faster to fill that space of low pressure, attracting more warm air from the sea surface and expelling the coldest air. and dry down.
As the storm moves across the ocean, the speed of the wind increases and it takes an enormous and incredible force, until the hurricane forms.

When it hits the ground, the impact of a hurricane usually causes a lot of damage although it depends on the category of hurricane as it is classified in 5. Category 1 hurricanes are the weakest and have a speed between 119 and 153 kilometers per hour. Those of category 5 go to more than 250 kilometers per hour and are super destructive.

The truth is that hurricanes are very dangerous and there are populations that have been destroyed by them. At present scientists, do not know if global warming causes more hurricanes or not but if they are clear that it greatly increases its intensity and its destructive power. So, as we always tell you from Happy Learning, you have to take care of the planet, you have to recycle and contaminate as little as possible. If we all respect nature, we will avoid many misfortunes and sorrows.

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