Interesting facts about reptiles

interesting facts about reptiles|interesting facts about reptiles|

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Interesting facts about reptiles

Did you know that some tortoises can live for 150 years

Some of the animal species that live the longest are reptiles. This is the case for the tortoises that live in the Galápagos Islands, who are able to live for 150 years. But this giant tortoises are threatened by humans. For many years, humans have hunted them for their meat and the rich oil that they contain. Also, many of the spaces they live in have been destroyed and the water of the sea of their habitats has been contaminated. Let’s hope that all this changes and we are able to look after and protect nature

Did you know that reptiles are very ancient?

Without doubt, these animals are among the jewels of evolution of the animal kingdom, crocodiles have been existing for 250 million years and they are one of the animals that still have many similarities with dinosaurs. But they are not the only ones, look at this Komodo dragon, it has similarities to a dinosaur, doesn’t it?

Did you know that the longest snake in the world can be 10 meters long and the smallest one is 10cm?

The longest snake is the reticulated Indonesian python which can weight up to 100 kilos. It feeds on birds, rodents and other reptiles but the biggest ones are able to eat entire monkeys, deers and wild pigs!
The truth is that they are a bit scary.

The one that can’t possible scare you is the silk snake which is the smallest one in the whole world and it’s only a maximum of 10cm long, this small snake are in danger of extinction, since it only lives on one island called Barbados.

Humans have destroyed 95% of the forests on this island and our small little snake doesn’t have any place to live. What a shame!

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