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Hello friends, I am the Earth, your planet and I want to talk to you about the ground, which is really important and yet we rarely take it into consideration.

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Hello friends, I am the Earth, your planet and I want to talk to you about the ground, which is really important and yet we rarely take it into consideration. The ground which you walk on everyday is my most superficial part, it´s where your houses are built on, your schools and also the roads on which you travel. It´s where rivers run along, plants grow on and animals live on.

How do you think the ground was made? Well it was a very long process, taking millions of years, and is still continuing, in which some really strong workers who never get tired are involved: the sun, the wind, the water and living things. Rocks which at the beginning made up my surface, bit by bit began to crack breaking into smaller pieces because of the strength of those workers. This mixture of different minerals grew richer with organic matter coming from plants and dead animals. It takes a hundred years to obtain just one centimeter of soil. The result of all this process gives us a surface where life can live, full of wonderful creatures.

We must look after our ground just as we are maintaining our air clean as well as our water because it´s imperative for living things for them to be able to eat as well as to have a place to live. And there are so many dangers which, in a very short time, can transform fertile land into a desert where it is impossible for life to thrive. Forest fires as well as cutting down large amounts of trees are examples of how the soil is left defenseless. Without the help of the roots from trees and plants in the ground, rain water and wind wipe away the nutrients in the soil. This is called erosion. And when this occurs, nothing will be able to grow there again. The same thing happens when toxic products are thrown on the ground killing living things and contaminating the water that flows underground making the land sterile.

Without healthy soil it is impossible to have a healthy life, so we must look after it all together. The ground you walk on is the ground which allows you to live. It is for this reason that we must help maintain it clean and respecting it by never throwing rubbish on it. If we keep it clean, I the Earth, your house in the universe and all living things which live on me, will all be a lot happier.

Because as you know…children can make a world of difference.

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