The Respiratory System

the respiratory system|Respiratory System| videos del aparato respiratorio|
The respiratory system is responsible for breathing which is the process of sucking the air around us and exhaling the carbon dioxide. As we all know, we must do this constantly to be able to live.

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The Respiratory System and Respiration

Hello friends, welcome to a new Happy Learning video.

Today we are going to learn about the respiratory system and respiration. We all know that to be able to live we must breath. And breathing means we suck in the air around us and exhale the carbon dioxide.

Well, the respiratory system is in charge of this extremely important role and to do this we use our lungs as well as out respiratory tract which are what makes up the respiratory system.

The respiratory tract are tubes through which air travels along to get to the lungs. It all starts in the mouth or nostrils which are like doors or windows allowing air into our body when we inhale. Then the air passes through the pharynx and reaches the larynx. Did you know that your vocal cords are in the larynx, which is what makes us talk and sing? La la la la

They are similar to guitar cords, when they vibrate they produce a voice… So once the air passes through the larynx it then reaches the trachea; the trachea is divided into two tubes, called the bronchial tube, where the air continues to travel through; the bronchus, are inside the lungs and branch out into thinner tubes called alveoli and it is there, in these small organs, where the exchange of gases takes place.

The oxygen from the air goes into the blood and what is left of the air, which is the carbon dioxide, returns back through the respiratory system to then be expelled out through exhalation.

As you can see, the respiratory system is extremely important, so we must take care of it. We must do a lot of sports and look after nature so that we breath fresh clean air.

Healthy lungs are pink in color but when we breath in smoke from a cigarette or very contaminated air, our lungs begin to change to a brown color and stop working so well. When this happens we notice that we get tired without having done much exercise and we begin to cough without having a cold. It certainly isn’t very intelligent of us to harm our lungs, don’t you think? So remember…don’t ever, ever, ever smoke and like that your respiratory tract as well as your lungs stay healthy and you will be much happier…

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